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The Story of Art as it’s Still Being Written_8.jpg

The Story of Art as it's Still Being Written

Victoria Miro Gallery, London

8 September – 1 October 2022

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Lydia Blakeley, Eliza Hopewell, Christina Kimeze

Palazzo Monti, Brescia 

17 October– 4 December 2022

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Dissolving Realms

Kasmin Gallery, New York City

10 June–12 August 2022

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Amy-Sherald-A-golden-afternoon-2016_art_plugged_ (1).webp

From Near and Far: Collage and Figuration in the Contemporary Age

Stephen Friedman Gallery, London

8 June–23 July 2022

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Sahara Longe, Katy Stubbs, Michaela Yearwood-Dan

Palazzo Monti, Brescia 

17 October–20 November 2021

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Hope Gangloff, Future Skies Over Bozeman

Dwelling Is The Light

Timothy Taylor Gallery, Online

15 April–15 May 2020

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Sara Anstis, Somaya Critchlow, Charlotte Edey, Ella Walker

Palazzo Monti, Brescia

Residency: 2 November–15 December 2019

Exhibition: 14 December 2019

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MBE01_Oda a la Esperanza (Ode to Hope)_2

María Berrio, Caroline Walker, Flora Yukhnovich

Victoria Miro, London

7 June–27 July 2019

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The Great Women Artists x Tate Late

Tate Modern, London

22 February 2019

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In The Company Of

TJ Boulting, London

5 October–17 November 2018

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Kate Dunn, Antonia Showering, Flora Yukhnovich

Palazzo Monti, Brescia

28–30 October 2018

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The Great Women Artists: Women on Instagram

Mother, London

14–17 November 2017

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