London, United Kingdom
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Upcoming talks and events

Saturday 25 January, 12pm – Simon Lee Gallery

In conversation with France-Lise McGurn. RSVP here


Past talks and events

16 January – Fabian Lang, Zurich

In conversation with Jessie Makinson

14 December – Palazzo Monti

Private view for GWA x PM 2019

26 November – Sketch

Women in Podcasting 

13 October – Cheltenham Literature Festival

Rebel Muses with Tai Shani, Dr Catriona McAra, Dr Carol Jacobi

4 October – Sotheby's x Harper's Bazaar

Spoke on a panel about female Old Masters

2 October – Frieze Academy x GANNI

Interviewed the artist Phoebe Collings-James

9 September – Marguerite

Social Media for Art and Fashion (sold out)

10 September – Rough Trade Books

Hosting a talk on Madge Gill (ticketed)

17 August – Tate St Ives

Katy Hessel looks at the Huguette Caland Exhibition

31 July – Pace

Salon on the genesis on The Great Women Artists

25 July – Hauser & Wirth Somerset

Lecture: An Alternative History of Art: Women Artists 1550–1945 

22 July – Second Home

Marguerite Salon on launching a wildly successful podcast 

20 July – Victoria Miro, Wharf Road

In conversation with Caroline Walker and Leslie Ramos

6 July – Victoria Miro, Wharf Road

Hosting a conversation between Eleanor Nairne and Flora Yukhnovich 

2 July – 5 Hertford Street

In conversation with Alma Zevi and Katy Stubbs 

22 June – Victoria Miro, Wharf Road

Hosting a conversation between Laura Smith and Caroline Walker

10 June – Sketch for Marguerite

The Little Wife Complex: The Great Women Artists meets Kate Bryan

8 June 2019 – Victoria Miro, Wharf Road

Leading exhibition walkthrough of María Berrío, Caroline Walker, Flora Yukhnovich (free)

7 June 2019 – The National Gallery

A Feminist Guide to Art History: Katy Hessel charts her personal top 20 most influential women artists of all time (ticketed)

30 May 2019 – The Arts Club

Panellist with Dr Flavia Frigeri, Jennifer Higgie, Harriet Loffler 

20 May 2019 – Chiltern Firehouse

Chairing: Marguerite Salon on the hustle of launching a successful business

9 April 2019 – Lévy Gorvy

In conversation with Dr Flavia Frigeri on her latest book

21 March 2019 – The Koppel Project

Talk on The Great Women Artists

20 March 2019 – Christie's Education

Lecture: Women at Auction

7 March 2019 – Channel4

Panellist for International Women's Day, chaired by Cathy Newman

2 March 2019 – The Painting Rooms

Artist interview with Alba Hodsoll

26 February 2019 – Sarabande

In conversation with artist Unskilled Worker

25 February 2019 – Goldsmiths, University of London 

Introduction to marketing for galleries

22 February 2019 – Tate Modern

Great Women Artists curated takeover for Uniqlo Tate Lates

6 February 2019 – Stephen Friedman Gallery

Artist walkthrough for Out of This World exhibition

30 January 2019 – The Dot Project

Artist Talk with Clare Dudeney

10 December 2018 – Photo London

Panellist: Activism in Instagram

8 December 2018 – Elephant West

Chaired 4-artist panel: Sex Pistols 

20 November 2018 – Cambridge University

Lecture: Women Artists 1550–1945 at New Hall Art Collection

14 November 2018 – TJ Boulting

Chaired artist talk of In The Company Of

October–November 2018 – TJ Boulting

10 public tours over the course of In The Company Of 

29 October 2018 – The Ivy Club

Panellist: Women in Photography 

12 October 2018 – Marguerite

Talk on In The Company Of

October 2018 – Allbright Club

Chaired panel: Making Money from your Craft 

September 2018 – The Dot Project

Artist interview with Cristina BanBan

September 2018 – Allbright Club

Lecture: Women Artists 1550–1945

August 2018 – Pallant House Gallery

Lecture: Women Artists 1550–1945 

June 2018 – Vogue International

Panellist: Instagram Community

April–May 2018 – Victoria Miro

Hosted a series of talks Surface Work 

May 2018 – The Courtauld

Panellist: Technology in Women’s Art 

March 2018 – Ladybeard Mag 

Chaired 4-artist panel: Female Digital Art

March 2018 – Benk + Bo

Chaired 4-artist panel: The Nude 

March 2018 – Soho House

Panellist: Art For Instagram 

January 2018 – Frieze Academy

Lecture: Social Media for Art and Fashion

November 2017 – Mother London

Exhibition tour to Vogue Editors

July 2017 – Art Night 2017

Women Artist Masterclass

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