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Lydia Blakeley, Eliza Hopewell, Christina Kimeze

Palazzo Monti, Brescia

Residency: October– December 2022 

Exhibition: 3 December 2022–30 January 2023

Palazzo Monti x The Great Women Artists 2022

An exhibition celebrating the artists' six-week residency at Palazzo Monti, curated by Katy Hessel.


I am delighted to be collaborating with Edoardo Monti for the fourth annual The Great Women Artists Residency at Palazzo Monti. This year features three of Britain’s most exciting painters: Lydia Blakeley, Eliza Hopewell, and Christina Kimeze. This exhibition, made up of paintings of objects, figures, interiors and exteriors, is bound together by its use of colours reminiscent of the palazzo and the Brescian landscape; a wild surrealism; and women who exist – full of freedom – in backdrops evoking of a forest or a dusky night sky. Making a dialogue with the Northern Italian region – in both its landscape and art history – the artists on this residency have adopt the town’s motifs and palette to produce emotive and engaging work. 

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