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The Great Women Artists: Women on Instagram

Mother, London

14–17 November 2017

Alice Aedy, Venetia Berry, Dolly Brown, Juno Calypso, Maisie Cousins, Kate Dunn, Charlotte Edey, Gill Button, Fee Greening, Manjit Thapp, Rose Harris, Alice Joiner, Antonia Showering, Alice Skinner, and Unskilled Worker.

The Great Women Artists: Women on Instagram, curated by Katy Hessel, founder of @thegreatwomenartists, will showcase fifteen UK-based female artists who have used Instagram as a platform to forge their artistic careers. Totalling over 600,000 followers between them, the artists featured vary from fine artists to photographers, illustrators and printmakers, and address an array of themes in their work including feminism, womanhood, politics, diversity, mental health, colour and form. More info

2017_11_16 Great Women Artists_04.jpg
2017_11_16 Great Women Artists_03.jpg
2017_11_16 Great Women Artists_18.jpg
2017_11_16 Great Women Artists_42.jpg
2017_11_16 Great Women Artists_34.jpg
Maisie Cousins_Butthole_2015.jpg
2017_11_16 Great Women Artists_33.jpg
Manjit Thapp_Red Sun_2017.jpg
Unskilled Worker_An English Idyll_2017.j
Antonia Showering_Take Me Back_2017.jpg
Juno Calypso_Untitled_2016.jpg
Alice Skinner_How I Sleep at Night_2017.
2017_11_16 Great Women Artists_60.jpg
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